Domestic violence is an abuse or harassment induced to the victim by a close relative in the domestic circle. Domestic violence is not only done by husbands, but also by parents, in-laws and other family members. Domestic violence may be physical, psychological , sexual and financial.   

            Physical  abuse is an assault of cornering the victim by pushing, kicking, ripping out hair in anger, using household  articles and weapons to show the arrogance of the perpetrator. Many a time it ends up in death or permanent deformities or physical wounding to the victim. Dowry death is very commonly prevalent in India and it is considered as a serious threat to women. Since  the dowry system  is closely associated  with the perpetration of domestic violence over women, matrimonial cruelty  has now been made cognizable and non bailable offence. Nobody deserves to be abused or belittled by close relatives friends or any acquaintance. Hence it our duty to overcome the situation by utilizing the law that offers protection to women against domestic violence. Generally, women bear with all these atrocities thrusted upon them due to  social stigma or due to the fear of losing their children’s  future and financial security. This emotional crisis of women adds fuel to the fire and is  exploited by the perpetrator. It is high time women get empowered themselves by acquiring knowledge about their legal rights. To find remedies for your domestic issues, you may consult  an advocate online.

         Psychological abuse is not  lesser degrading  or less harmful  than physical assault. Unlike physical abuse, psychological abuse is very difficult to bring to light as it needs evidence to prove. Psychological abuse is done deliberately to damage the victim’s identity by mocking, criticizing, discouraging privately or publicly and the impact  of which lasts forever. Insulting the partner before friends and relatives, ignoring his/her interest, feelings and emotions, not permitting to socialize, refusal to the basic needs are the emotional torture that lead to loneliness and psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression and even suicidal instinct. It is our privilege to maintain our mental health and  if you face threat in this regard, contact an advocate online to know the remedy.

     A victim of the domestic violence  can file an complaint against  the perpetrator to the civil court, criminal or family court. Proceedings are governed  as per  section 25 of Domestic Violence Act by the Criminal Procedure Code. Only if each and every victim bring the issue to limelight and reach out for  legal procedure the society will be free from these evil practices. Reach out to a legal expert online or offline and clear your queries.


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