The prerequisites for obtaining a DTCP approval in Tamil Nadu are as follows:

  • Land ownership: The applicant must be the owner of the land or should have an agreement with the owner.

  • Building plan: The applicant must have a building plan approved by the local authorities.

  • Land use: The land use should be classified as residential or commercial in the Master Plan of the area.

  • Road width: The minimum road width required for the development should be met.

  • Setbacks: The setbacks or the distance between the boundary of the plot and the proposed building should be according to the norms.

  • Parking space: Adequate parking space should be provided as per the rules.

  • Open space: The minimum percentage of open space to be left in the development should be met.

  • Building height: The maximum height of the building should be within the permissible limit.

  • Meeting these prerequisites is mandatory to obtain DTCP approval in Tamil Nadu.

The minimum road width required for DTCP approval may vary based on the location and type of development. In Tamil Nadu, for example, the minimum road width for layouts approved by DTCP is 23 feet (7 meters) for residential plots and 30 feet (9 meters) for commercial or industrial plots. However, this may differ in other states or regions. It’s important to check with the local DTCP office or consult a qualified architect or town planner for specific guidelines and requirements. Get a clear consultation with a good civil lawyer before proceeding with the approval formalities.

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