Treat your parents well else no right on their property

Gujarat High Court in Jayeshbhai Chandrakantbhai … vs Pritiben D/O Chandrakant … on 17 July, 2019 discussed a decision taken by the lower court in the dispute of a will executed by a mother. In the present case the mother did not wish to give any property to her son because, it was the grievance of the mother that her son was beating her and her husband i.e. the father and mother, both. Further the same was reported to the Police Commisioner by the parents and have seeked protection from the police. So the mother executed a will for the property that was with her to vest with her daughters and not to her son. The son approached the court stating that the will is invalid and void.

The Supreme Court of India in the case of Mahesh Kumar and Leela Rajgopal, took into consideration how an ordinary prudent person would react to a situation and based on the same the judgement was passed. So the Gujarat High Court relied on this judgement and dismissed the petition of the son stating that in the current situation the decision of the mother is quite natural and it cannot be because of any compulsion because this is how any person of ordinary prudence would have acted.

Thus it is further stated that as per moral and as per law it is important that we treat our parents and elders with due respect and care.

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