MSME/SSI Registration

MSME/SSI Registration
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MSME/SSI Registration

About This Service

Once you purchase this gig, you will get a call from one of our registered and verified advocate to collect all your requirements. Based on your requirements we will guide you. Before the consultation our support person will reach you to collect all information and then based on your requirement the right expert will be allocated to you for guidance.

All Packs include:
– MSME/SSI Pros and Cons Consultation

– Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 enables business to register and demarcate themselves as Small scale businesses or Medium scale business.

Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) are to be registered as MSME and Small Scale Industries (SSI) to be registered as SSI. The demarcation of MSME or SSI is based on the investment of the business.

The MSME/SSI registered companies get various benefits including Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme(CGS), government subsidies, ISO certification and taxable value demarcation and in various other factors. Most of the business register with MSME to avail collateral free bank loans approved by the central government and to be eligible for the subsidy.

We have trained and verified legal advisors to help you with all kinds of documentation works and shield you legally.


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