GST Disputes Consultation

GST Disputes Consultation
Delivery Time: Up to 24 hours
Service Includes: Ongoing Support
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GST Disputes Consultation 15 mins (Phone/Google Meet/Zoom)

GST Disputes Consultation

GST Disputes Consultation 15 mins (Phone/Google Meet/Zoom)

About This Service

Once you purchase this gig, you will get a call from one of our registered and verified advocate to collect all your requirements. Based on your requirements we will guide you. Before the consultation our support person will reach you to collect all information and then based on your requirement the right expert will be allocated to you for guidance.

All Packs include:
-GST Consultation
-Registration or Application charges

– Goods and Services Tax(GST) is an indirect tax used in India on the supply of goods and services. The system of has come into picture only in the recent times.

The claiming of input under the GST input tax has been a challenge and a nightmare for a lot of business owners, because the input can be claimed only if the trade that received the tax has filled and paid the received tax to the GST department.

In most cases the dispute arises because of missing invoice and because of dead invoices. We can help you file the necessary forms to fix and ensure these kind of disputes.

GST department will initiate summons and notices for default.

We have trained and verified legal advisors to help you with all kinds of documentation works and shield you legally.


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