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What is TalkToAdvocate?

TalkToAdvocate is India’s leading and trustworthy online platform that caters to all legal-related matters in the best possible manner. Using this platform, users can consulate with top-rated lawyers from their comfort of home. You can get the best legal advice on almost every kind of legal matter over TalkToAdvocate.

What kind of questions I can ask on TalkToAdvocate? 

TalkToAdvocate is well-equipped to help you get timely legal advice on diverse matters. We have top-rated family lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, and various other kinds of lawyers. Hence, you can share your concern related to all these areas. 

You can ask for advice, necessary steps to take, strategic coaching, and gain a detailed insight into possible outcomes of your on-going legal case. If you need to have a second opinion then TalkToAdvocate is the right place for that. 

How can I book a consultation with the lawyer? 

Booking an online consultation with India’s top lawyer was never as easy as it is with TalkToAdvocate now. All you need to do is, visit our website, find a lawyer, fill an online inquiry form with your contact details and query, pay a marginal fee, and submit it. That’s it.

How can I get to know if my query was answered?

As soon as the lawyer with takeover your query and post the answer, you will be notified via email/SMS. To view the answer, you need to login to your TalkToAdvocate account and visit the ‘My Question’ section. 

What information will be revealed?

When you share your query with us, we will post on our website along with the lawyer’s response and answer. However, your personal details like name and phone number will not be disclosed anywhere. Your contact details will only be revealed to the contacted lawyer so that s/he contacts you anytime to provide real-time and useful legal assistance.  

How can I pick a lawyer?

To make the choice easy, TalkToAdvocate has a genuine review rating on the website. Also, we offer a detailed lawyer profile where all the relative information is mentioned. 

Does TalkToAdvocate check the usefulness of the legal advice offered by the lawyer?

Though there is no direct way to regulate the work of lawyers, we have a stringent review and quality check policy to ensure quality service delivery. If you are not satisfied with the advice, you can post a review.

Is TalkToAdvocate a law firm?

No, it’s not a law firm. It’s a registered online platform to get immediate legal advice on all kinds of law matters. The advice offered at TalkToAdvocate intends to give clarity over your law issue and decide what exactly you should do. In no event, this advice should not be considered as a replacement or substitute for real-time legal advice. 

Are the lawyers over TalkToAdvocate trustworthy? 

Certainly. More than you, we are concerned with quality service delivery. Hence, we partner with the lawyer only after they pass the detailed background check. In the background check, we look into the educational qualification, and bar associate registration, and other relevant credentials of the prospective lawyer. Once everything is dually checked and verified then only they come onboard. Hence, you can trust them blindly. 

What is the turnaround time of your portal in general?

We will process with your request in 48-hours and you will get a response from the chosen lawyer as early as possible. 

Is my information secure with TalkToAdvocate?

Yes, 100%. We maintain 100% secrecy while helping you with reliable legal advice. We use the industry’s best security encryption on your website. Hence, every detail that you share with us is in safe hand. 

What is the charge of the consultation?

The basic consultation fee is 750 INR. 

Can I directly contact the lawyer?

No. We have a proper service channel to follow. You need to place your inquiry with us and we will proceed further.

Are the lawyers available on TalkToAdvocate associated with other legal firms?

Our partnered lawyers are independent lawyers practicing in their state and lawyers from reputed legal firms. 

100% Verified profiles

We list the verified profiles of Advocates who are registered and approved by Bar Council of India to practice in India.

Fully moderated service and pricing

We have a team of moderators who would double check whether your query/concern is been serviced flawlessly and priced properly by our listed professionals.

Detailed documented notes for further verification.

Our policy is to communicate clearly, concisely, and on a timely basis. To be responsive to clients.

100% confidentiality of the information in maintained.

Your case will never be converted into any type of content to promote our service or to promote our website. 100% confidentiality of information will be maintained as per the code of conduct of the business.

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